Mr. Veerender Kumar Gupta

Mr. Veerender Gupta (DIN – 00420087) is an Executive Director on the Board of the Company. Mr. Gupta is also the Chief Technology Officer of the Company. Mr. Gupta has a vast experience of over 33 years in various functions. Mr. Gupta has been actively involved in diversified roles with the Company which included Business Management, Usage and Retention including subscriber management services, Information technology, Broadcast operations, Call Centre operations. Mr. Gupta possesses strong General Management & Leadership skills with rich and varied experience in sectors like - Media, Direct to Home Services & Information Technology. Mr. Gupta is also heading the OTT division of the Company and is also part of the Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Gupta’s experience/ qualification comprises in areas relating to Strategy and strategic planning, Policy development, Risk and compliance oversight, Executive management and Commercial experience etc. Mr. Gupta’s Key Skills comprises of Strategy and strategic planning, Policy development, Financial Expertise, Risk and compliance oversight, Executive management and commercial expertise. Further, his expertise / competence in the Broadcasting Industry comprises of

Product Delivery, Technology Innovation, Client engagement, Community and stakeholder engagement and Marketing & Communication. Mr. Gupta spearheaded the evolution of technology from managing one satellite to three satellites, establishing one conditional access system (CAS) for the platform to four such systems, Simulcrypt signals to three satellites and managing the coordination and synchronisation of MPEG 2, MPEG 4, Android, Connected boxes, in a seamless manner over the last ten years.

Apart from the Company, Mr. Gupta holds directorship in Target Technologies Private Limited, Diginext Education Private Limited, Teken Shipping Industries Private Limited, Takeworkz Consultants Private Limited and E-City Bioscope Entertainment Private limited.


As on June 26, 2023, Mr. Gupta holds 18,880 equity shares in the Company.